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Our Boundaries

NCJLA has established a protocol regarding Geographic Boundaries

Rocklin Lacrosse serves the cities of Rocklin and Lincoln, California.

Please contact us at if you have any questions as to which club you should be registering.  The other clubs in our area are Roseville Lacrosse, Granite Bay Lacrosse, Sierra Foothills Lacrosse and Fair Oaks Lacrosse.(Please see club links on the right side of the page).  If the club in your zip code is not fielding a team at your age group you are welcome to register with another club fielding that age group.


NCJLA Geographic Boundaries

Geographic territories for all NCJLA Clubs are listed on the NCJLA website. Beginning on October 1, 2017 all NEW PLAYERS to NCJLA TEAMS are expected to play for the club responsible for operations that corresponds to their residential address. Should there be extenuating circumstances the legal guardians of the player that wishes to play in another club should complete the following:

  1. Contact the President of the club that corresponds to your residential address and inform them that you wish to have your child play in another club and would like for them to sign a Release to Play Form (standard form is available to complete on the NCJLA website).

  2. Contact the President of the club that you wish to play for and request for them to sign an Acceptance to Play Form. (standard form is available to complete on the NCJLA website).

  3. Complete the NCJLA Play Out of Area Disclosure Form on the NCJLA website.

  4. After receiving documentation of the approval/denial from both club Presidents register your child for the team that was approved or submit a request for arbitration to if you were denied your request.

Clubs are required to complete the following should a player request to play out of area or to be accepted:

  1. Communicate with the other club president in a timely manner.

    1. NCJLA recommends that communication be in writing but not required.

  2. Complete the release to play or acceptance form in a timely manner.

  3. Submit "Release to Play or Acceptance Forms" to the NCJLA prior to APRIL 1st  (when rosters are locked).

  4. Communicate with the parents in a professional and timely manner.

  5. Participate in arbitration with the NJCLA and parents should there be a conflict. 

Should a conflict between club presidents, parents, or coaches arise that can not be solved through arbitration with the NCJLA designee the matter will be submitted to the NCJLA Board of Directors for review and a final determination will be made. NCJLA Board decisions are final and can not be appealed.