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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is lacrosse season?
A:  Lacrosse is a spring sport, similar to baseball. Our 12U and 14U teams generally begin practicing at the beginning of February and play games from late February/early March through mid-May. Our 10U and 8U teams have a slightly shorter season that runs from March through early May.  We typically also offer an abbreviated fall program, as well as summer clinics. Please see our registration page for currently available programs.

Q: Which ages groups are available?

A: For boys and girls, we plan to have the following teams (pending player and coach availability).

Age Group Grade
14U 7th and 8th grade students
12U 5th and 6th grade students
10U 3rd and 4th grade students
8U 1st and 2nd grade students




Q: Where do practices take place?

A: Johnson Springview Park in Rocklin is our home field. At this time, all of our teams practice at the large grass multi-field adjacent to the tennis courts. We typically have multiple teams on the field at one time as we hold combine style practices in order to best leverage our coaching resources.  


Q: How often do the teams practice? 

A: During the spring season, our 12U and 14U teams practice twice per week. Our 8U and 10U teams begin the season practicing twice a week and transition to practices once per week after games begin.


Q: When are games played?

A: During the spring season, our 12U and 14U teams generally play games on Saturdays and Sundays. These teams typically play 10-12 games per season. Our 8U and 10U teams play games on Friday evenings. Occasionally, they are offered the opportunity to play on Saturdays as well. These younger teams typically play 8-10 games per season.


Q: Where are games played? Do we have to travel?

A: We will attempt to schedule about half of each teams’ games at home (Johnson Springview Park); however, some teams will play fewer and some more games at home. The away games can be scheduled within the Greater Sacramento area and beyond (ex: Roseville, Loomis, Fair Oaks, Granite Bay, Folsom, EDH, Grass Valley, etc). With the growth of lacrosse clubs in the immediate area, clubs are requiring less travel every season

Q: What kind of equipment do I need?
A: Our 8U players simply require a lacrosse stick. The players in the older age groups will need to provide their own equipment including both protective gear and a stick or "crosse". The protective gear required by the league consists of:


  • Lacrosse stick with a pocket
  • Lacrosse helmet
  • Shoulder pads *see 2022 rule changes here
  • Arm/elbow pads
  • Lacrosse gloves
  • Mouth-guard – cannot be white or clear
  • Athletic supporter with cup
  • Cleats (football or soccer will do)
  • Rib pads (optional)
  • Goalies need additional chest and throat-guard protection (provided by Rocklin Lacrosse)


  • Women’s Lacrosse Stick (NCAA approved), not boys'/men's
  • Protective Goggles (get cage style, not the see-through plastic type)
  • Mouth-guard – cannot be white or clear
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Cleats
  • Goalie gear is provided by Rocklin Lacrosse

US Lacrosse also has an equipment diagram that might be helpful for new players here

Q: What kind of lacrosse stick should I buy?

A: ‚ÄčIn the Boy's division there are three kinds of sticks including: short stick, used by attack and midfield players; long stick, used by defense and midfield players, and a goalie stick. The basic lacrosse skills can be best learned with the short stick, and the club requires all players to start with a short stick. The club has a few goalie sticks that will be loaned to players wishing to try the goalie position. The stick consists of a head (basket and webbing) and handle. Both the heads and the handles come in a variety of styles and are made from a wide assortment of materials…which means that they come in a wide variety of prices as well.

In the girl's division there are a variety of sticks to choose from. Girls use a stick that is the appropriate length for them (there is no short stick/long stick). 

Here is a video that you may find helpful in choosing a stick: Choosing a stick video

Q: Can my child play lacrosse in addition to another sport?

A: Playing two sports simultaneously will not keep a child from being registered and joining a lacrosse team. Please consider the practice and game schedules between the two sports.  The player’s and team’s development is dependent on attendance at practices and games.

Q: Is Lacrosse a contact sport?
A: Boys lacrosse is a contact sport. Girl’s lacrosse is not a contact sport. Boys in 10U and below play with minimal physical contact. The focus is on developing their lacrosse skills. From 12U and older physical contact is allowed and is taught by coaches appropriately.


Rent or Buy Equipment

You can rent or purchase lacrosse equipment at Lacrosse Fanatic in Ranch Cordova. The employees at Lacrosse Fanatic can help you select appropriate gear for your player.

9500 Micron Ave Ste 122, Sacramento, 95827 

(916) 363-8700

Boys Lacrosse Equipment

Boys Lacrosse Equipment

Girls Lacrosse Equipment

Girls Lacrosse Equipment

Beginning January 2022, all shoulder pads must meet the NOCSAE ND200 standard for commotio cordis and must contain an SEI certification mark. For more information on the rule change and for guidance on checking your current pads, visit the USA Lacrosse page here: Lacrosse Chest Protector FAQ | US Lacrosse (


Looking for a comfortable mouth guard that you can drink and talk with?

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